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 Zuka's Drabbles

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SHSL Despair


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PostSubject: Zuka's Drabbles   Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:48 pm

A long time ago, I had a friend. Let's call her, um.. Alice. Yep, Alice. Alice was very, secretive, I guess you could say. She liked to seclude herself from others and she never talked to anyone but me. She was quiet when you first saw her, but if you got to know her, she was the rudest person around. She insulted everyone. She hated everyone. Her words were rough and her actions were reckless. She was really smart though, but she never really bragged about it like normal girls. The funny thing was, she was short and tiny. She dressed in cute clothes everyday, although her personality was totally different. I was drawn to her. She seemed like a good person to me, despite every thing everyone said.
"She's a drug baby. That's why she's so crazy and weird."
"Her parents abuse her. That's why she's so mean."
"She paid money to advance in her grades. That's why she's so tiny."
I never believed that. Although, Alice never cared. About me or about people or about the rumors.
"Hey, Alice!" I once started to talk to her one day while she was putting her books in her locker. She was so tiny, she could hardly put her bag on the hooks.
"What?" she growled. She made me nervous....
"Um, you wanna walk to the cafeteria with me?" I asked, mustering up all my courage. She just looked at me with this ugly look. It was a mix of anger and annoyance, i thought. Instead of replying, she kneed me in the crotch and slammed me against her locker and left. I winced in pain. But even thought she was such a bitch to everyone, I still tried to get her attention.
Each day, I asked the same thing, whether she would walk with me to the cafeteria or not. She did a random defense move everyday. A punch, kick, or slap. I soon was able to dodge her attacks.

One day, she became fed up with it.
"DAMMIT! STAY AWAY FROM ME!" she screamed. She glared at me. I glared at her.
"Go to lunch with me, and I will..." I replied quietly. She stopped glaring at me at that moment.
"I can't...." she whispered.
"Why?" I wanted to know, obviously.
"Because..." the wind rushed by and her hair blew in the wind. She turned around and looked back at me. "Because if you're nice to me, I'll start to fall for you!" she screamed, running out of the school's courtyard, and back to her house.

From then on, Alice hardly came to school. I wondered why, and I always watched her locker and imagined her there, putting her books in with the same frown she always had.

I once got a text message from a friend.

hey, the btch is gettin pickd on by som guys come ovr

I didn't know who "The Btch" was, so I decided to go over to where I heard shouting.
It was Alice, laying on the floor with her eyes open, bleeding and getting kicked by some people I knew. They were yelling profanities of all sorts. She was getting injured, but she just laid on the asphalt looking at the sky, bleeding. She knew what was happening, but she didn't move her face or body once. When someone was about to kick her head, I stepped in.
"Wait a minute!" I yelled. "You assholes! Get to class!" because of my popularity and respect, everyone ran away. Good. I thought. I sat next to Alice.
"Why?" I asked.
"Why what....?" she whispered, her voice coarse.
"Why did you do that?!" I screamed, hovering above her, startling the nearby birds in the trees, causing them to fly away. She looked at me with shocked eyes. She began to laugh. She laughed and giggled.
"Why are you laughing?" I chided.
"Because I've fallen for you..." she whispered, her cheeks blushing.
"Why are you so nice to me? Why are you always looking after me? If you do stuff like that, I'll fall for you...."
"Tch..." I scoffed, "Why are you so alone? Why are you always a jerk to everyone who tries to get close to you?"
"Because I'll fall for them!"
"What does that even mean?"
"I'll fall in love with them!!" she screamed. I gulped. She... fell in love with me? "See... I fell in love with you. Now you know. Get off of me." I did, she sat criss-crossed on the ground.
"What's wrong with that?" I asked. I stood up as she kept thinking.
"I don't want to become obsessed with you... It's better to be alone." she said, standing up, and running away. I tried to stop her, but she was never in my reach.

Ever since then, I've been looking for her. You see, she ran and never came back. She stopped coming to school. When I asked her neighbor, they said her family moved away due to her father's job. She never did tell me. I didn't expect her to, but I still felt crushed. Now, it's been 8 years. I never realized it as a 13 year old, but I had feelings for her. I wanted to know her. I still think about her; the girl I first fell in love with who had feelings for me back.
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PostSubject: Re: Zuka's Drabbles   Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:07 am

That's really good!

You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you. You'll never treat yourself right darling, but I want you to.
If I let you know, I'm here for you maybe you'll love yourself like I love you ♪♫
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SHSL Despair


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PostSubject: Re: Zuka's Drabbles   Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:10 am

aw thank you very much! [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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SHSL Despair


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PostSubject: Re: Zuka's Drabbles   Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:45 pm

*this story is a little dark and inspired by the shooting that happened. It's a little nonsensical, since I wrote it in like 5 minutes...

She wasn't like all the other girls.
She didn't care about boys.
She didn't care what she looked like.
She hated pop music. (In fact, she hated all music.)
She didn't care.
All she liked was nothing.

Akemi was a silent child. She had long black hair, black as midnight. Her intense blue eyes could

take your soul away. Her body build was as average as a Wednesday, always in the middle, never

standing out. She never had expressions. She never had hope.
For many years, Akemi had lived without anyone.
"It's nice to be alone," she would whisper to herself, "no one can hurt you."
She didn't care that she was alone, and will always most likely be. Her relatives are all dead,

except for a rich grandma and grandpa, who probably don't even remember from the visit they

made when her parents were still alive. She has no one. Apparently, she can take care of

herself, so nobody ever bothered. Also, nobody wants to deal with her, the girl who is a walking


Akemi had hated school. Everyone was too happy all the time. But she didn't really mind it too

"If they are not hurting me," she would stutter, "they are nothing to me."
She was incredibly smart. Incredibly silent. Incredibly feared.
Yes, in fact, everyone didn't even try to talk to Akemi. Most people don't even know her last

name. But I do.
You know how ignorant children can be in school. In the hallways, in the bathrooms, in the

classrooms; they all act so stupid.
Too slow, too dumb, too ignorant.
She hated that. All she wanted to do was study, do her work, and go home. But no. Everyone

had to get in the way.
They took away her time by being stupid.

They took pictures in the hallways, laughing their heads off, like life was just a game you play

at a sleepover. But they were blocking her way. Akemi's way. If Akemi had her way, she would
kill everyone she saw who bothered her. That was Akemi's way.

They took the soap from the dispensers in the bathroom, smiling brightly, splashing each other with the pink liquid, like life would never end. But they were splashing her. Akemi. But when they splashed her, they would quickly stop, not even saying sorry for all the suds in her hair.

They took too much time, just sitting there, looking at their tests. They didn't study. She studied. She wanted to go home. She got a 100% on the test anyway, can't she go home? She was done. Akemi was done. She was done with everything.

Constantly, she waited. She waited for her turn to come. To have everything turn out her way.

To have her grades praised by the teacher. To be acknowledge as smart in front of the whole class. Never, in her whole life, had she ever been acknowledged as smart. Or a good student.

When she reached her small home, she dropped her stuff on the floor. She dropped down herself. She shuddered.
"It's not fair. But this is life." she whispered, shaking again. "I want everyone dead." She soon fell asleep.

The next day, she sat in her desk, pulling out her homework from the day before, laying it out with a pencil in her hand.
"So class~ Today we are going to be studying some countries! As you know, I'm from London, and that's in Engl-" the teacher began, but the door slammed open.
"Hello..." a small voice said. Suddenly, Akemi heard her fellow classmates screaming. She heard the rickety door squeak, and the sound of bullets hitting the desk. The feeling of blood hit her face. The blood of her teacher, the blood of her classmates. She didn't turn around. She didn't move, instead, she laid her head on her desk, pretending to be dead. Finally, the shooting stopped. The shooter sighed and stepped out of the room, whispering to themselves about their accomplishment. Her teacher, her cheery teacher, fell down in front of her desk, smacking their head on the desk she sat at. What had happened? Her teacher is dead. The teacher she had actually liked. She was nice to Akemi. Akemi liked her. Her whole class is dead. She didn't have a problem in this class. It was okay. Akemi looked up. She saw the limp, lifeless bodies that were scattered around the classroom. The blood that was scattered around the walls. The tears that shined in the classrooms light, in the corner of the childrens' eyes. Akemi frowned and put her head back on the desk.
"London bridges falling down, falling down, falling down... London bridges falling down, My fair lady..." she whispered, putting her head in her arms, lulling herself
with her own voice to sleep.

The police soon stepped into the classroom, causing an uproar. She heard people crying, shouting, cursing. She pulled her head up, looking around at the people who were looking at her.
"Little girl, are you okay? Hey! Get a stretcher here!!" an officer yelled. "What's your name?" he asked.
"A..." she whispered. "Ake-mm.... i" she stuttered, still in shock. A person with a stretcher finally came. He carried Akemi over and placed her on, wheeling her away. Away from her teacher. Away from the class. Away from the school.

She was stuck to a hospital bed for a day, after being checked for injuries.
"Do you have any family? Where's your parents?" the officer asked. Akemi shook her head.
"None. No family." she replied. The officer stared in disbelief. He sighed.
"Let's get you home...." he sighed, still in disbelief.

She arrived home. She fixed up herself some water, sipping it slightly. She didn't forget her near date with death. She turned out to be the only survivor of the shooting in her school.
3 teachers dead.
31 children dead.
It made her shiver. She had survived while everyone didn't. Was this what she asked for? For something to finally be fair for her? It wasn't what she wanted. She didn't understand.

The next day, people with cameras and microphones appeared at her doorstep.
"Miss Akemi, what is your view point as the only survivor of the shooting?"
"Akemi, are you afraid for your life now?"
Dumb questions were heard everywhere. She felt sick to her stomach. She ran back inside and boarded up her doors and windows. But she was struck with a large rock with a note tied to it as she was shutting the window's blinds.
"Aah!" she yelped, landing on some broken glass. Her hands were stained with a red liquid, but she picked up the note.
"NOT FAIR. YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED." it read in bold letters, written by a Sharpie. She looked at the note. slightly mad, slightly agreeing.

More and more rocks and threats came in the mail. They threw rocks until her house was dilapidated and torn. Her hands were aching. from some cuts. She was cold from the draft the rocks left in her windows. She was sad. She was confused.
"It's not my fault..." she would whisper. Half of the nation was in an outrage. They thought she should have died, not all the 31 kids. It wasn't fair. She didn't have anyone who would have cared, so why, oh why, did she survive, while all the other children didn't? So, because of her wits, she was getting shamed for it?
It's how it works now, she thought. There's is nothing left, for me to be happy about.

It's true. What did she have left? Nothing. She had nothing.
"They hate me. It's my fault...." she stuttered. "Mine." She ran to the kitchen, still hearing the shouts of angry parents and people threatening they'd burn her house down.
"That's okay..." she said. She had finally had it.
Nothing was left. In her home, her life. Her heart. Her mind. She slept on the kitchen floor, planning something in her head.

It was her birthday. Akemi's birthday! But, what did it matter? No one was there to celebrate it with her. They were still there; all the people at her door step, pounding at the door. She wanted to sleep, it was her birthday. But they wouldn't let her! They were too loud!! She grunted as she got up, walking to the back of the ruined house, climbing up to the roof of her house. The house barely supported her weight. It barely squeaked. They people saw her, smiling.
"Look at them... How sad..." she whispered.
"Everyone!!" she screamed. "It's my fault! It's me! I wished for it!" the whole crowd gasped. They were in shock, angry, sadness, but they were satisfied at the truth. But it wasn't the truth.
"You all believe it! Don't you!? You believe that it's my fault. It's not true! It's a beautiful lie! A beauuutiful lie! You want to believe it! But it's not true! You know what else is a beautiful lie? LIFE! LIFE ITSELF. You all adore life! But it's all a lie. We will all die sometime. Just like all lies do." the crowd of angered people stared in disbelief. A teen with a cellphone was recording the whole thing. "But death... Death is the ugly truth. Accept it. Your kids died. I'm sorry. It's not my fault. That's the truth..." Akemi had then realized, that her whole existence was a lie. She was a lie. A beautiful lie. She was alive, wasn't she? So yes, she was Beautiful Lie. She hated that. She hated that so much. She would rather be the ugly truth. Even if she was ugly, she would be the truth. "My whole existence. Was a... lie." she chuckled slightly. "AHAHAhAHAHA!" she laughed. "The truth... always will exist..." she whispered, smiling. She jumped. She jumped from the roof, landing on the concrete head first, ending the beautiful lie, and becoming the ugly truth. It was the best present. On her birthday. Goodbye Akemi.
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SHSL Despair


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PostSubject: Re: Zuka's Drabbles   Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:20 pm


"Chitose!! Get ready for school!"
"Ugh...." Chitose Krane sat herself up in her bed, looking at her bed sheets. Her dark red hair fell down her shoulder. She sucked air through her teeth, hissing before she got up and stretched.
"CHITOSE!" her mother yelled from across the hall.
"I'M UP!" she screamed back. "Jeez..." she whispered, pulling out some clothes from her drawers. "I hate school..." she groaned, walking out the door of her room . She took one last look before leaving, wishing she could just sleep in. Chitose walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.
"Yo." she said, waving slightly at her older sister.
"Mornin'" her sister, Ana Leigh, smiled as she heard her sister's voice. Chitose opened her refrigerator and grabbed a peach from the fruit and vegetable area.
"Better hurry up, mom's gonna get mad if you don't go to school early!"

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PostSubject: Re: Zuka's Drabbles   

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Zuka's Drabbles
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